I am a UX designer with a broad skill set including research, leadership, and innovation workshop facilitation.

I create products and services for non-profit organizations, start-ups and Fortune 100 companies that result in positive impact for people and business. As passionate educator and design workshop facilitator, I strive to foster an inclusive and expansive learning environment for students and attendees.

• Product, Service, & Experience Design
• Education and Workshop Facilitation
• Interdisciplinary & International Leadership
• User Research
• Innovation Strategy
• Charming Storytelling
• Relationship Building

Feedback from a few of my colleagues submitted through an anonymous review process:

"Cara puts the customer first and very thoughtful about a simple and efficient design that is informed by engineering...she doesn't overcomplicate, is highly collaborative with product and engineering, and her work reflects the team's efforts. At times, when appropriate, she will hold her ground if the team is headed down a path she knows is not going to be a good pattern. I find her to be an industry expert and highly relevant."

"I am always very impressed by the depth of her research and the thoughtfulness she puts into her design work. I love how she puts the user first, and how she surfaces positive and constructive feedback to the relevant teams. She is a pleasure to work with."

"Takes feedback well: As a designer Cara's work is constantly getting critiqued. This training has served her well; she seems to view feedback as input that will make her work product stronger."