Mentoring & lecturing

I volunteer as a mentor through various platforms that pair emerging and pivoting product designers with senior professionals. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and a desire to be anti-racist, I joined UX Coffee Hours in 2020 and have used that as a platform to support BIPOC designers through job searches and career growth. 

At Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, I am a co-facilitator of the LUMA Institute Human-centered Design Certification Course. In my free time, I am a guest lecturer at the University of Washington's graduate schools of design and occasionally teach at The School of Visual Concepts.

Mentoring & lecturing engagements:

  • University of Washington, MHCI+D, Advisor 2020 – present
  • LUMA Institute, co-facilitator, HCD Certification Course, 2021 – present
  • Hexagon UX, mentor 2017 – present
  • UX Coffee Hours, mentor 2020 – present
  • School of Visual Concepts, mentor, 2018 –2019
  • School of Visual Concepts, instructor, 2017

"Cara is one of the best instructors we've had and we look forward to having her back any time it works out for her." 

– Larry Asher, Director, School for Visual Concepts

"Cara is a masterful facilitator, designer, and researcher with a deep well of practical, cross-industry experience to draw upon. I'd leap at the chance to work with, and learn from, Cara again." 

– Patrick E. Sharbaugh, Senior Program Director, LUMA Institute

"Cara has been a very patient, supportive, empathetic, knowledgeable, humble, and caring mentor to me in the past 4 months. She makes me feel comfortable sharing anything with her: not just my portfolio and resume, but my self-doubts and challenges in life." 

– Mentee who secured a first UX job during our 4 month engagement


Workshop facilitation at Catapult Labs in Menlo Park, CA